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It's a been a busy year for Selena Gomez. In the time most of us have gone through an academic year at school, she's already releasing a new album! It's not even been a year since her last one was out.

However, here we see if Selena's really moved forward with her sound, or if she stays trapped with most of the past Disney alumni.
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Film Review: Green Lantern

The superhero film season is truly underway! Having already encountered two of the four superpowered films, we're face to face with DC's only offering.

So does it do the source material justice, or is it just another snooze-fest?

Gaming Corner: Review - Doodle God

I thought it was about time I got my hands on the iPhone game that the whole world seems to love. It's up there with Doodle Jump, Pocket God, Angry Birds... Doodle God! (Notice how these app titles are made up of two words? Interesting.) (Or maybe not).

I'm a strictly free app kind of girl, but the addictive nature of Doodle God reeled me in when I gave it a test run. So what's the verdict?

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Right. I'm afraid of being biased here, because I adore Coldplay, but here goes.

Their latest offering since Christmas Lights, Coldplay totally encapsulates a Summery feeling in the song. It's positive chord progressions brighten up their sound. That being said, it's classic Coldplay fare, and nothing new or unexpected. I don't think it's as chart breaking as the massive Viva La Vida, but I reckon people will love it none the less...

New Music: See No More - Joe Jonas

Ah, the days when the Jonas Brothers were at the top of their game...
Yes, it's sad, I loved them too, but with Kevin married and Nick branching out, it was about time before Joe would do his own thing too.

So along comes 'See No More'. I'm never inclined to totally destroy something piece by piece in a review, so sorry for all of those waiting for me to give it a whipping...
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Hello LiveJournal!!!


First post - from someone who has regularly used her Tumblr account, blogging's no alien thing, but it's cool to give this a shot.

My love for fanfiction has got me on here, where I've seen so many other fanfic stories that haven't popped up on FF.net.

It's a period of heavy exams for me atm, but hopefully once they're over I'll be able to post more, so stay tuned.

Coming in the Future: Music Reviews, Film Reviews, Book Reviews, TV Reviews and... I'm going to try and review all 10 Seasons of Smallville. Every single episode. All 218. It's gotta be done! 

Hope to see you on the journey :)
A xxx